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Re: snmpconf Conflict Resolution Issues

on 06/22/2000 2:15 PM, Francis Reichmeyer (IPHighway MA) at
FranR@iphighway.com wrote:

> Jon, quick question. What's an intentional conflict between policies?
> Thanks,
> -Fran

I do not recall what others might have meant at the meeting. In simple
terms, a conflict is one where provisioned (downloaded) policies are sent to
a device that have conflicting values for an object.

Andrew pointed out, and he is correct that this is to be avoided. The place
where it will happen is when one policy is intended as a policy to become
effective in failure conditions and replace another policy. This is where
the idea of policy groups and priority are helpful. For example if a policy
evaluates to 'true' when there is a failure condition of some sort and it
has a higher priority, then it would overwrite the other policy. Actually
there would not be a conflict.

Hope this helps.