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Re: snmpconf General Functional Questions

Matt White wrote:
> The problem is what happens if an element is locally modified and then put
> under policy control?  I don't think we want to allow policies to
> overwrite existing explicit (manual) configuration when they are first
> instantiated.
If I understand correctly what you are arguing for, I think we do want
to allow policies to override existing manual configuration when they
are first instantiated. 

The purpose of putting something under policy control is to standardize
the application of the policy throughout the system. When we first apply
policy, we must assume that there is a desire to apply the policy to all
appropriate elements, and we do not necessarily know the current state
of the target elements. If we want something exempted from the standard
policy, it should identified in the policy or in a higher-priority
policy. If manual configuration occurs AFTER the policy has been
applied, then that manual configuration should be a higher priority
until the "touch-bit" has been cleared (or it is otherwise configured to
resume standard policy).

Iy may be that you are saying that once a manual configuration has been
"logged" in the table being proposed to identify overrides (so that we
do understand the current state of the element), then we don't want
newly-instantiated policies to override the "logged" override, then I
agree with you.

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