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Re: snmpconf General Functional Questions

on 06/09/2000 2:43 PM, Andrew Smith at andrew@extremenetworks.com wrote:

> We dived into this can of worms with COPS-PR. We very quickly swam to the
> edge of the can and got out again and declared (a) time-of-day in the device
> and (b) multiple managers, to be out of scope. Yes, this limits the areas of
> application of the protocol but it does make it implementable and
> deployable.

I can see how putting these items out of scope of that work does simplify
things. I hope we can take a middle ground in terms of assumptions and yet
get a good improvement. For example, by allowing for the 'override' but not
attempting to roll back and keeping the element 'exempted' once a value has
been overridden. One tool that we do have that may make it more reasonable
is that we do have access and visibility into the instance specific data.