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Re: snmpconf General Functional Questions

I think most of the override scenarios will revolve
around debugging and firefighting.  If an instance
really needs to remain in an "override" state for
a long time, then the policy itself needs to change.

For simplicity, it seems to me that once a manual
override happens, the instance variable has to stay
in its new state until the manual override
is manually removed.


> It may be as straight-forward as you and Jon suggest.
> But, somehow, I can see ending up in interesting states.
> For example, using the daytime / nighttime case, someone overrides the 
> current (daytime) policy on some instance.  It becomes night, and the 
> nighttime policy takes effect.  It was not overriden.  Then, it is no 
> longer nighttime.  But, the daytime policy is still overriden.  So the 
> instances remains set as the nighttime policy specified?  That is unlikely 
> to be the desired effect.  But I tend to strongly shy away from policies 
> which can unwind themselves to "previous" states where those are unspecified.
> The obvious alternative is that if an object is touched manually, then it 
> is blocked from policy. Or maybe only from policies which were already in 
> the box when the attribute was changed?
> Still looks complicated to me.
> Yours,
> Joel