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Re: snmpconf Getting things moving again.


Are the snmpconf i-ds on the IETF web site all the latest
versions (the ones discussed in SF)?


> We made good progress while at the interim meeting and came up with a fairly
> significant listing of 'to do' items and issues.  To get things moving again
> and make sure that the editors get good feedback for the current revisions
> that will be made available for the next IETF meeting, I am going to send a
> series of postings to the list.
> These postings will be the issues/questions from the meeting minutes. Each
> category will be divided into a separate note. I fully expect that for some
> of the longer lists, we may subdivide them further.
> Over the next few days, I will post these items and make comments under
> those questions that I have a strong feeling about. I am sure this will
> prompt some conversation :-)
> Thanks
> /jon