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snmpconf SNMPCONF WG Interim Meeting Slide Presentations

The following is a submission by Jon Saperia. 

------- Forwarded Message

From: Jon Saperia 
To: <minutes@ietf.org>, snmpconf, Jon Saperia
Message-ID: <B55EAE23.1E8A%saperia@mediaone.net>
Mime-version: 1.0
Content-type: multipart/mixed;

There are 4 attachments to this message that were referenced in the
previously submitted minutes.

    1. An overview of the agenda and logistics prepared by Jon Saperia
    2. An overview of the architecture and our work prepared by Jon Saperia
    3. An overview of the Policy MIB Module and additional explanatory
detail prepared by Steve Waldbusser
    4. A compressed tar file of the information interrelationships between
the Differentiated Services MIB Module, the Differentiated Services Policy
MIB Module and the Qos Device Model prepared by Harrie Hazewinkel.


------- End of Forwarded Message

As the combined mail message ran over 2mb (causing Majordomo to bounce 
it), slide documents have been made available via anonymous ftp at 


In this directory are the following files:

   1 agenda.desc		The mail message above
  63 agenda.ppt			Attachment 1 as discussed above
   9 agenda.ppt.gz		Attachment 1 as discussed above, compressed
1333 overview.ppt		Attachment 2 as discussed above
 850 overview.ppt.gz		Attachment 2 as discussed above, compressed
 633 policymodule.ppt		Attachment 3 as discussed above
 534 policymodule.ppt.gz	Attachment 3 as discussed above, compressed
  15 inforelationships.tar.gz	Attachment 4 as discussed above
  24 minutes			The minutes of the meeting posted earlier

These files are also available via the majordomo "get" command.

For example, to retrieve the minutes of this meeting, send the 

  get snmpconf interim-may-2000/minutes

to majordomo@snmp.com, and the file will be emailed to you automatically.

I have also forwarded the complete original message to the http
archive site at escribe.com.