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Re: snmpconf DRAFT- SNMPCONF Interim Meeting Minutes of meeting held in San Francisco May 17 - 19

on 06/01/2000 6:42 AM, Wijnen, Bert (Bert) at bwijnen@lucent.com wrote:

> Not sure... but I though we agreed that the authors would still deliver a
> revised set of documents towards the end of June, so that we also have
> ample time to dicsuss things on the mailing list before the next
> IETF/Interim.
> Then, at the otherhand, this may be just wishfull think from an AD.


For the SNMP Configuration WG, under the current plan we would need to have
the documents published no later than the ID cut off date for the next IETF.
I spoke with Steve Waldbusser yesterday about this for the Policy MIB
Module. We talked about having a goal of publishing the documents a week or
two before the cut off date to give even more time for discussion. Not a
cast in stone promise yet, but something I will work with all the editors to

Over the next few weeks we will also be working on the issues on this list.
This will also serve to help people get additional background.