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RE: snmpconf DRAFT- SNMPCONF Interim Meeting Minutes of meeting held in San Francisco May 17 - 19

Some comments on parts of the minutes:
> In the afternoon of the second day (Thursday) we had a long discussion of
> the architecture. There seems to be general agreement on the chosen
> approach
> though more work needs to be done to express this. The relationships (the
> ones presented in Jon's slides and later represented by Steve) seem to be
> the right ones and could be beneficial. Andrew suggested that a team might
> want to do more work on this.
>From what I gathered, Andrew suggested this because he feels (and I believe
most of us agreed) that this architecture could be done in a generic
independent way) and that such an architecture would be very important for
whichever solution we come up with in the IETF.

> Next Interim Meeting:
> June 28-30 Boston is cancelled because certain people cannot make it that
> week, and the consensus of the attendees is that the time to produce
> modified documents, review them, and meet again, then produce modified
> documents and review them before the IETF meeting is too demanding a
> schedule.
Not sure... but I though we agreed that the authors would still deliver a 
revised set of documents towards the end of June, so that we also have
ample time to dicsuss things on the mailing list before the next 
Then, at the otherhand, this may be just wishfull think from an AD.