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snmpconf [Fwd: need patent in machine-readable format]

David Harrington <dbh@enterasys.com> sent the following message
last week.   Majordomo rejected my resubmission of it
due to the message's large size.  To avoid sending 5 mb to 
192 subscribers, I have made the three files available, both 
via majordomo (in the cabletronPatents directory) and by anonymous
ftp (www.snmp.com:pub/snmpconf/cabletronPatents).

My apologies for the delay in handling this; a large portion of
our staff was in Las Vegas last week.

	- Steve



Attached are three patents for policy-based configuration management.
There is running code associated with these patents, so they are known
to work.

I am sending these so the WG can study some of the problems that have
been encountered in thereal world, and solved in real applications.
There are some useful ideas here, but they don't solve all the problems
we will need to face.

The attachments are in pdf format.
Sorry for the huge size.


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