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snmpconf Additional Agenda Details for SNMPCONF Interim Meeting, May 17 -19

Below are some additional details about the agenda and background reading
for our meeting in San Francisco:

Day 1 - Wednesday May 17 9am - 6pm

Meeting Logistics and administrivia
Agenda Discussion
Background Presentation for the SNMPCONF Work - How the pieces fit together.
Policy MIB Module issues
Follow-up Actions review

Day 2 - Thursday May 18 9am - 6pm

Remaining Policy MIB Module discussions
Differentiated Services Policy MIB Module
Relationship to the Qos Device Policy Model
Follow-Up actions Review

Day 3 - Friday May 19 9am - 3pm

Remaining Differentiated Services Policy MIB Module Issues
Best Current Practices Document
Agent Issues
Management Software Issues
Wrap-up and Close.

Additional Agenda Topics - The agenda will be reviewed when we start. There
were issues raised at our WG meeting in Adelaide (for example Multiple
Manager Interactions, Filter/Action Expressions, PolicyType and subType
Definition, Conflict Detection, Conflict Resolution and relationship to
other work). Before each of the three days, we will work on the open issues
list for that particular topic area - to be developed by the discussion
leader for each of the three days.

If there are specific topics or presentations that anyone would like to
request, please post them to the list.

Background reading and document publication status:

The revised Policy MIB Module is still undergoing revision. Steve Waldbusser
will publish it to this list and send off to the ID people no later than
Tuesday afternoon May 9th.

The Best Current Practices revision was submitted yesterday and while a
significant amount of data has been added, it is not yet complete. For your

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

The revisions for the Differentiated Services Policy MIB Module were
published a while ago:

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

As general preparation for the meeting and to help understand the
Differentiated Services Policy MIB Module, it is also suggested that the
following two documents be read prior to the meeting:


Happy Reading, see you at 9:00 am on May 17th.