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snmpconf SNMPCONF Working Group Interim Meeting Logistics

Folks sorry for the delay. The additional details for making hotel
reservations are below.  Note that you are also responsible for making your
own Air and Rental Car arrangements if you need them.  For those not
familiar with this area you will want to fly into San Francisco Airport -
this hotel is in the City.

Meeting Dates:
   Wednesday, May 17 9am - 6pm
   Thursday, May 18 9am - 6pm
   Friday, May 19 9am - 3pm

Sir Francis Drake Hotel
450 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

We have been given an 800 number for our reservations:

For additional information see:

The group name to use to get the group rate is: IETF
The rates are $195 plus tax for a Single or Double and $215 for a tripple.
IMPORTANT NOTE: 20 Rooms are held for us ONLY UNTIL April 28th. After that
reservations will be on an as available basis on the current rate. Because
of a special event over the weekend, we only have 10 rooms for Friday Night.
If anyone has difficulty let me know and I can connect you with an agent
that can get rooms in other hotels nearby as needed.

Please act on this quickly.

If you have any questions, please send me mail.