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Re: snmpconf Working Group Presentations

on 04/10/2000 5:00 PM, Steve Moulton at moulton@snmp.com wrote:

> The snmpconf working group presentation slides are available via
> anonymous ftp in ftp.snmp.com, directory pub/snmpconf.
> You need to explicitly cd pub/snmpconf to see a directory of the files.
> I would have made these available via majordomo, but I could not
> get it to successfully mime the files in the short amount of time
> I have available to make these files available.
> The files are
> bcp-meeting-2.ppt
> bcp-overview.ppt
> policyModule-thurs.ppt
> policyModule-tues.ppt
> snmpconf-overview.ppt
> snmpconf-partain-day1.ppt
> snmpconf-partain-day2.ppt
Thanks, everyone enjoy.