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Re: snmpconf Minutes of SNMPCONFG WG Meetings at 47th IETF - Reported by Jon Saperia

on 04/10/2000 5:04 PM, Andrew Smith at andrew@extremenetworks.com wrote:

> Jon,
> Thanks for the detailed report. A couple of minor nits:
> 1. If we are going to attribute the Q and As, which is helpful, I think,
> although the IETF guidelines say don't do that, we need to disambiguate some
> of them (multi-Steve's, multi-Randy's (I think) and assorted Andy's, and who
> is GWW? Is that Greg? - change my comments to "Andrew" if that helps).
> 2. It would help to add pointers to slides at appropriate places (e.g. temp
> or permanent URLs) - the IETF people are good at fixing these up into
> permanent URLs when the proceedings are done.
> 3. Might be more appropriate to remove the editorialising in order to
> provide an accurate record - whilst your added comments are generally
> helpful, they do tend to alter the way a reader then would understand the
> following text. I think they'd be better made as mailing list comments.
> Thanks,
> Andrew
Thanks for the comments. As I mentioned in the earlier note, I had planned
on sending them out over last weekend, and I did.  With regard to the URLs,
that is a good idea and I will see what I can do - perhaps I will put them
up on my WEB site when I get a chance.