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Re: snmpconf The May interim Meeting - Please respond asap

Jon Saperia wrote:
> Folks, I am working on making arrangements for the interim SNMPCONF WG
> meeting that will be held May 17 to 19th in either San Francisco or just
> south depending on availability.
> As some of you know, we are attempting to coordinate this meeting with an
> RMON WG meeting that will take place Monday and Tuesday of the same week to
> reduce travel for participants who might be interested in both and the Area
> Director.
> In order to get a good rate, we need to know how many people are likely to
> attend. Please send me a note as soon as you can to let me know if you plan
> on attending either or both of the WG Meetings. Andy will poll the RMON list
> as well.

Thanks Jon, I'll just borrow your msg :-)
The RMONMIB WG intends to hold a 2 day interim
on the Monday & Tuesday (May 15-17), at the same 
hotel as the SNMPCONF WG interim, in San Francisco, CA.

Please send mail to Jon at saperia@mediaone.net and indicate:
 - which interim meeting(s) you plan to attend 
   (rmon, snmpconf, both)
 - which nights (if any) you plan to stay at the hotel hosting
   the meetings? The hotel room rate is likely to
   be in the range $180 - $220 USD.

> Thanks very much
> /jon