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snmpconf SNMPCONF Working Group Interim Meeting Announcement

The SNMPCONF Working group intends to hold an interim meeting to work on all
items currently in our charter:

  - The Best Current Practices Document
  - The Differentiated Services Policy MIB Module
  - The General Policy MIB Module

To better coordinate with other meetings, the location has changed since it
was last discussed at the Adelaide IETF Meeting. Details available at this
time are:

Meeting Dates:
   Wednesday, May 17 9am - 6pm
   Thursday, May 18 9am - 6pm
   Friday, May 19 9am - 3pm

   (Meeting Site TBD)
   San Francisco or San Jose, CA

   A sponsor or co-sponsors are desired to host this meeting. A hotel
meeting room is preferred, but corporate facilities would be fine. Please
contact me at saperia@mediaone.net if you can help.