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RE: snmpconf Issues for Interim Meeting


I raised during the meeting the question of the interaction with multiple
managers. The answer was that the WG sees as a goal allowing such an
interaction (which is different from the COPS single server paradigm). Later
in the discussions, the proposal of a policy owner concept as a possible
solution to this problem as brought up, though we did not engage in too many

I would suggest that we include this issue in the agenda items for the
interim meeting.



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> From:	Jon Saperia [SMTP:saperia@mediaone.net]
> Sent:	Thu April 06 2000 15:42
> To:	snmpconf
> Subject:	snmpconf Issues for Interim Meeting
> For those of you that were at our meetings in Adelaide or have read the 
> draft notes I posted to this list, you will know that we have a number of
> issues to discuss.
> As only an example, a question was raised about the effect of the addition
> of an element to a managed system that had an entry in our Policy Module.
> Specifically, did that new element get configured with the default
> information? There are a number of reasonable views on this topic.
> If anyone has items that can be concisely stated that will help us in our
> work and would like to suggest them as agenda items for the meeting next
> month, please feel free to post them to this list and I will collect them
> together to help refine an agenda.
> Thanks
> /jon