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snmpconf Task list for the Differentiated Services Policy MIB Module


Here is my proposed work schedule for the Differentiated Services
Policy MIB Module.  I hope this will help begin the discussion.
For an overview of the goals, please see Jon's mail with the
subject "Document Summaries".

Task                                           Complete by
Determine which PIBs to use as a baseline      February 9 (very fast)

Determine what additional functions are        February 18 (slower)

Define tables and their indices and            February 18
relationships - also relationship to
Differentiated services MIB in the DiffServ

Publish the pre-Adelaide draft                 February 25

Revise and publish based on input              April 14
in Adelaide

Revise and publish based on interim            May 5
meeting (if that happens)

Work with people who can do some               (unknown at this time)
interoperability test in June

Revise again and publish in July               July 30

With kind regards,

David Partain                  David.Partain@ericsson.com
Ericsson Radio Systems AB      Tel: +46 13 28 41 44
Research and Innovation        Fax: +46 13 28 75 67
P.O. Box 1248
SE-581 12  Linköping, Sweden