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snmpconf document task lists


There are three initial drafts due for Adelaide - the BCP document, the
Capacity and Capabilities MIB document, and a sample configuration mib
using diffserv.

Over the next day or so, each edit-team will be posting the task list
for their document. Each posting will have a subject name of "Tasks -
<document name>". 

These lists are being posted for two reasons:

1) to ensure that the WG at large is aware of the plan of how to get the
work done, as agreed between the editors and the chairs. The discussions
about the tasks to be done have been held in private email between the
editors and chairs for focused expediency. We want to be sure everybody
is informed of the plan to complete the deliverables, and has an
opportunity to provide input regarding the tasks to be accomplished. 

2) to focus subsequent discussion to the appropriate deliverable.
Because we have a very aggressive deadline for our first deliverables,
any discussion should be focused on the tasks related to one of the
three documents.

Dave Harrington