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snmpconf RE: Policy issues: definition of Roles

At 12:52 PM 02/08/2000, avri.doria@nokia.com wrote:
>So, the role isn't a selector in the schema (although simple schema may
>use it) it is also not a selector at the PDP, but only a selector
>for the PEP to advertise the kind of roles it has, and receive policy
>for each one of its roles.

I do not understand why roles are not used at the PDP.
I thought that roles was the way the PDP determined
which policies needed to be applied to the PEPs it was
dealing with.

Of course the PDP uses them, but only the way they are created by
the PEP. The PDP has two sides to it, one that understands PEP stuff
(hence uses Roles) and the other that understands schemas (no roles

In fact I was thinking that roles where the main link
between policies and the objects they affected, no matter
were in the architecture this occurs (e.g. at the PDP).

Absolutely. See my previous message (sent after you sent this one).

I think we are in Sync.



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