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snmpconf Editor Task Lists


We have a very short period to complete the initial drafts of the
documents. To help focus your efforts and to improve communication
within each team and between teams, would the editor-teams please
prepare a quick task list/outline for the document they plan to produce,
and choose a lead editor for each document as the point of contact for
the chairs to beat up on (ahh, the fun part of this job)?

This task list can help the teams to divide the work between the
editors  so they can work in parallel, and will highlight the areas
where we need the WG to propose specific engineering solutions, i.e.
everything other than the general MIB format, recognized
best-current-practices, and initial proposed text.

The task list will also provide the chairs and ADs some insight as to
your planned directions to be sure your plans are in scope and focused
on the deliverables, and will serve as a public announcement to the WG
of the planned directions of the documents, to keep us all representing
WG consensus.

To be clear, this is an effort to keep you focused on the deliverables,
not to micro-manage your efforts. Neither Jon nor I will have the time
to watch your efforts closely, so we need to know that you are heading
in the right directions, that you have enough background info to proceed
independently, that the team agrees on its direction, and that all
members have assignments. 

The main thing I will be watching closely is that you are acting as
editors, reflecting WG consensus, and not as independent authors,
promoting only your own ideas. I consider that role especially important
since many of our editors have limited IETF experience and are
unaccustomed to the consensus constraint. 

Please get your task list/outline to the chairs by February 7.