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snmpconf Re: Policy issues: definition of Roles

Let me suggest a procedure so we do not get all these cross postings.
As you can see, I post to one list at a time, so that the REPLY
button that some people use do not automatically cross post too.

As you can see from the subject line, this topic (I think)
should be discussed on the POLICY wg mailing list and not be cross
posted to a set of other lists.

The issue there has to do with the defenition of that term in
the core info model document that is currently in WG last call
in the Policy WG.

If you want to join the discussion, then you should subscribe and
post to the policy wg mailing list: policy@raleigh.ibm.com, normal
majordomo subscription mechanism I believe.

After the POLICY wg list has agreed on how they want to define the
term, then they might want to post their viewpoint to polterm
mailing list so that any other viewpoints that were not yet
considered can be discussed as well. After that, it may be a term
that the Polterm DT (Design Team) may include in their terminology