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Re: IETF Meeting and Travel For snmpconf

David Partain wrote:
> Hi,
> > I have learned that most airlines that leave for the east coast of the
> > united states leave early in the morning. Since the final IETF agenda is
> > not known and there may be WGs of interest beyond the snmpconf working
> > group, I have modified my travel plans so that I do not depart from
> > Adelaide until Saturday morning April 1.
> That's what I have as well.  Working Friday afternoon is no
> problem for me.
> Cheers,

Thanks perhaps we can work on the Differentiated Services Policy MIB at
that time. Would you please talk with Aiko who has volunteered to help
in the background on this subject. He will not be at the IETF however.
In an ideal world I would like to have something to post as a draft
before the IETF. Failing that something to discuss at the meeting in a
presentation led by you - I hope.  I am sure you may have questions
about this  - some I posted to the list a while ago. Aiko has some good
ideas so he might be a good person to talk with as well. In short, the
starting place is a MIB with function equivalent to the PIB for diff
serv the RAP folks are working on. I believe we can do more especially
since we will be developing the capacity and capability (read role) MIB.