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IETF Meeting and Travel For snmpconf

This does assume the IESG approves the WG for Adelaide. 

I have learned that most airlines that leave for the east coast of the
united states leave early in the morning. Since the final IETF agenda is
not known and there may be WGs of interest beyond the snmpconf working
group, I have modified my travel plans so that I do not depart from
Adelaide until Saturday morning April 1.

A side benefit of this is that we may be able to get some additional
work done on Friday afternoon while most of us are still in the same
place. I would not call this an interim meeting at all - the WG does not
yet exist anyway. The idea is that if we get the editors in place we can
probable get a lot of work done while things are still fresh in our mind
and there are few distractions.

Just thought I would float the idea and see what people think. One other
item - I am registered at the main hotel and am on standby for that last
night. There are rooms in other hotels.