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Re: snmpconfig Re: Work on the Diff Serv Policy MIB


You asked some good questions, so I thought I would use my reply to take
the new mailing list out for a test drive:-)

John Seligson wrote:
> Could someone please explain to me (again) what the goal is here.
> The COPS QoS PIBs can be easily converted into QoS MIBs. The
> process is trivial and those converted MIBs are in use today. Is the
> goal here to produce a QoS proposal that completes with the COPS
> QoS PIBs/MIBs and the DiffServ MIB? Or is the goal a BCP
> document detailing how a MIB may be designed to simplify it's
> implementation along the lines of the COPS QoS PIB?
1. The goal of the working group is to show how the existing SNMP can be
used to perform the functions of configuration management at both the
device specific and network-wide, policy level.  One of the driving
requirements for the need for policy configuration has been the diff
serv work. Aiko and others are aware of the ability to convert a PIB to
a MIB. Part of what we discussed the other day (Aiko and I) was do we
stop there?  The PIB may be a starting point, but we may be able to
accomplish quite a lot more with a MIB while still maintaining 100%
fidelity to the extant framework. Bottom line, this is item 3 on our
statement of work. It may be a MIB equivalent of the PIB or quite likely
convey all that information with some additional functions. That is part
of the work to be done.

2. There is no need and it is not in our charter to do a MIB like Fred
Bakers Management Information Base for the Differentiated Services
Architecture. In fact this may be an area where the Policy MIB I
describe above, which may start as a conversion from the Policy PIB,
perhaps diverge. I mean that there may be different indexing methods we
use for efficiency purposes or connection to items in Freds MIB though
augmentation.  I do not know yet, this needs some study. One thing is
certain, we are not duplicating the effort of the Diff Serv MIB effort.

3. The first item on our charter is a BCP. The BCP in the charter is
written and intended to be broader than your question suggests. It
reads: A Best Current Practices document to provide guidelines on how to
best use the existing Internet Standard Management Framework to perform
configuration management. What this was intended to cover was broad. For
example, in the SNMP framework rather than maintaining an open TCP
connection for each client type, we can use notifications to several
management systems when certain configuration operations are done. In
the notification(s) the changed information or information related to it
might be sent. Other items might be guidelines for writing policy MIBs,
or ideas about collecting information for the capabilities and
capacities MIB, the second item in our charter.

I hope this helps. Bottom line we are not duplicating the work of the
DiffServ MIB that is instance level information ours, like the PIB will
be policy based. In that sense our MIB is a duplication of the policy
PIB. The BCP will cover protocol operations, mib design, and perhaps
even configuration suggestions for notifications.