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snmpconfig snmpconf mailing list

Good Morning,

The snmpconf mailing list (for the Configuration Management with SNMP 
working group) has been created at snmpconf@snmp.com.  To avoid
confusion, I will disable snmpconfig (the discussion/design list)
in a few days.

The archives for snmpconfig will remain accessible via majordomo
requests to snmpconfig-request.  I have been asked to maintain
the archives for snmpconfig separately, as the list was set up with
limited distribution in mind.

Please send any questions or problems regarding list setup or
operation to owner-snmpconf@snmp.com.  I am on this list, and will
be watching it for any problems, but should I miss something please
bring it to my attention (via owner-snmpconf).

	- Steve

Steve Moulton        SNMP Research, Inc            voice: +1 865 573 1434
Software Engineer    3001 Kimberlin Heights Rd.    fax: +1 865 573 9197
moulton@snmp.com     Knoxville, TN 37920-9716      http://www.snmp.com

Our area code has changed.  The old area code (423) will work until 4/22/2000.  
         865 _still_ does not work from some parts of the country.