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Distributed SNMP Security Pack

Security Pack

SecureIntelligence Product Family

Secure Standards-based System and Application Management with a Java-based Interface

Today, Internet management requires administrators to meet the task of securely monitoring and controlling an ever growing, increasingly complex network. Because of these demands, management tools must offer policy-based, intelligent agents and management stations that are scalable and standards-based. All of SNMP Research's products provide secure management by supporting the SNMPv3 protocol.

SecureIntelligence® is a suite of products designed to provide proactive, policy-based management of networks, systems, applications, and services. By combining the Internet Standard Management Framework, the security features of SNMPv3, and the ease of a Web interface, this Java™-enabled management software suite provides seamless, secure, standards-based monitoring and control. SecureIntelligence is composed of three product families: CIAgent®, EnterPol®, and Distributed SNMP Security Pack™.