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17.1 Release of Developer and End-User Products

SNMP Research International, September 2008


SNMP Research Release 17.1 upgrades the EMANATE® family of SNMP agent developer tools, the BRASS™ family of SNMP management tools, and the SecureIntelligence™ product line now include several new products, new features, and performance enhancements.

New Products and Features include:

These new products and features are available in Release 17.1 but may not be included in all licensed products. For licensing information, contact

MIBGuide and MIBGuide/Lite

MIBGuide™ stands for Management Information Base Graphical User Integrated Development Environment. MIBGuide is a suite of tools to aid both the novice and more advanced SNMP developer in creating management extensions.

MIBGuide is comprised of the following:

For more information about MIBGuide, visit

MIBGuide/Lite includes the easy-to-use MIBGuide Editor for creating MIB documents and building them into your BRASS-based manager.

For more information about MIBGuide/Lite, visit

Advanced Protocol Operations

Advanced Protocol Operations (APO) is a new, optional feature which can be licensed and used with all agent and manager products, delivering more efficient operations and a more natural model for manipulating available management information. You will enjoy the following benefits:

For more information about APO, visit

IPv6 Support

IPv6 support is included in all core products on operating systems that implement IPv6. SNMP Research products can “talk over” IPv6 by sending and receiving IPv6 messages. SNMP Research Agent products can “talk about” IPv6 by implementing the latest MIB-II RFCs: RFC 1213, RFC 2863, RFC 3418, RFC 4001, RFC 4022, RFC 4113, RFC 4292, RFC 4293, and RFC 4898. For more information about IPv6, visit

SSL Support

Now, when SNMP communication peers (managers talk to clients and agents talk to subagents) are placed on separate machines you can know that you have secure communication using Secure Socket Layers (SSL). In Release 17.1, BRASS™ can use SSL for secure communication between BRASS Servers and BRASS Clients that are running on separate machines. In Release 17.1, EMANATE® Master Agents can use SSL for secure communication between EMANATE Master Agents and Remotely Coupled Subagents that are running on separate machines. A helpful utility named SrSSLCertis included as an aid for generating certificates using OpenSSL on products where it would be useful.

BRASS XML Component

In Release 16.2, XML-based SNMP messaging was added to the EMANATE® (SNMP Agent) product family in the form of EMANATE ONE EPIC XML. As a continuation of SNMP Research’s ongoing XML initiative, in Release 17.1, XML-based SNMP messaging is introduced in the BRASS product family as a means for an SNMP Manager (linked with SNMP Research libraries) to communicate with an SNMP Agent (built using SNMP Research EMANATE® ONE). Using XML to describe SNMP information allows SNMP messages to be sent over SSL or TCP as an alternate communication protocol. In some corporate environments security policy may allow TCP to cross firewall boundaries in places where UDP (regular SNMP) is blocked.

Updated Operating System Support

SNMP Research products have been updated to support new operating systems and newer versions of existing supported platforms.

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