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16.2 Maintenance Release of Developer Toolkit Products

SNMP Research International, November 2006


SNMP Research’s 16.2 product release includes enhancements for improved performance and reduced code size for both the EMANATE® SNMP agent and BRASS™ management application developer toolkit products. This release is primarily a maintenance upgrade in keeping with our historic release numbering conventions.1

New Features and Enhancements

New Products

Release 16.2 includes several new products:

Management Through Firewalls

One of the exciting new features in Release 16.2 is the capability of BRASS™ and Distributed SNMP Security Pack products to perform management through firewalls. This feature allows SNMP packets to be passed through firewalls without requiring firewall administrators to assign a port for UDP/IP traffic. (Requires the DSSP Remote Forwarder product for the other side of the firewall.)

New Compiler

The mibgc compiler was introduced in Release 16.1 but MOSY remained the default MIB compiler. Based on the customer feedback, we have made mibgc the default MIB compiler for Release 16.2 MOSY remains available on the upgrade CD. However, support for MOSY is deprecated. MOSY may not be included in future releases. The new compiler includes:

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1Releases with with odd minor version numbers, e.g., 16.1, typically include new major functions and features. Releases with even minor version numbers, e.g., 16.2, are typically maintenance upgrades addressing the known major problems with earlier versions.