EnterPol Product Sheet

EnterPol includes the following products:


EnterPol®, a member of the SecureIntelligence ® family, offers policy-based tools for seamless management of networks, systems, applications, and services. EnterPol also implements the Internet Standard Management Framework based on SNMPv3 and uses many standard Management Information Base (MIB) modules.


EnterPol solves an SNMPv3 autodiscovery problem: how can a secure agent (which is programmed not to respond to autodiscovery) be autodiscovered if its correct passphrase isn't known?

EnterPol also handles the configuration, management, and distribution of SNMPv3 pass phrases. Changing pass phrases regularly becomes a simple process, which saves system administration staff time.

The graphical user interface offers an interactive approach setting up secrets, users, and MIB views for those experienced or new to SNMPv3 security issues.

In addition, EnterPol easily works with CIAgent®. EnterPol displays and works with CIAgent MIB objects. (CIAgent is an open standards-based solution for managing servers and applications.)

Available Platforms

EnterPol is available on the following platforms: