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Business Relationship with Soliton Systems K.K. Announced

Tokyo, Japan, July 17,1995 - SNMP Research International, Inc. and Soliton Systems K.K. announce a non-exclusive business relationship. This relationship will enhance access to SNMP Research International's management products, solutions, and expertise by Japanese companies. Now these companies can license SNMP Research International's products through Soliton Systems. In addition, they can obtain their first level of support from Soliton and overcome time zone and language barriers.

Although in the past SNMP Research International has offered many innovative and high quality products and services directly, this new relationship brings them closer to home for many Japanese companies.

Soliton pioneered the Local Area Networks (LAN) business in Japan. Soliton provides total network solutions for its customers, including consulting, installation, field support, and practical training for users. Soliton experts know the SNMP products required for corporate projects.

SNMP Research International offers management products and services for the computer and communications industries. These include agent, manager station, and mid-level manager implementations based on SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and other protocols. These products create interoperable, standards compliant, and innovative solutions for original equipment manufacturers, value added resellers, system integrators, and managers of large networks for managing networks, systems, applications, and for manager-to manager communications.

SNMP Research's unparalleled development tools empower software developers, thus accelerating the implementation and test phases of their management project. These tools include: automatic agent code generators based on MIB compiler outputs; a powerful, yet friendly, scripting language for developing manager and mid-level manager applications; and products to create SNMP agents for open systems, embedded systems, applications programs, and systems managed by legacy systems. Other products address the management station portion of the SNMP management framework. SNMP Research International provides management stations ported to a wide variety of operating systems including many types of Unix and Microsoft operating systems. Mid-Level Managers consolidate management traffic on Wide Area Networks (WANs). These Mid-Level Managers use scripts to perform the majority of management routines at the local level and then only report significant, or consolidated, information across the WAN.

SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 and many MIB standards were authored by Dr. Jeff Case, the founder of SNMP Research. Not only are the SNMP Research International products based on the Internet standards, but many of the standards are based upon these products.

SNMP Research International, Inc. produces a family of management products based on the SNMP framework and other protocols. These products include agent and network management station software for the computer and communications industries. SNMP Research International's founder, Dr. Jeff Case, has long been an SNMP contributor and has written many related articles and papers. As a result of his efforts, SNMP Research International leads the industry with respect to defining SNMP standards and implementations, the standard framework for TCP/IP network management. For further information, contact SNMP Research International, Inc.

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