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SNMPv3 Development Tools Available on Eight Embedded Systems

Knoxville, TN, November 3, 1998 - SNMP Research International, Inc. announces that its SNMP development tools are now available on eight embedded operating system platforms. The agent development tools support SNMPv3 in addition to supporting more traditional SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 frameworks. These SNMP development tools are used by leading manufacturers of networked equipment and software in order to create management capabilities within their products. This announcement means that companies, which use any of these eight operating systems, now have access to technology which makes an easy the transition to the use of the SNMPv3 standards.

These eight operating systems include Microsoft Windows CE, Microtec VRTX, Wind Rivers VxWorks, Integrated Systems pSOS, Hewlett Packard HP-RT, Chorus ClassiX, Precise MQX, and Microware's OS/9.

SNMP Research began shipping SNMPv3 development tools in January bundled with their agent and management station development tools. In order for SNMPv3 products to be introduced to the market, development tools that assure interoperability, an easy transition from SNMPv1, and efficient use of the developer's time must be available. SNMP Research's tools address these requirements.

Why SNMPv3?
For many years managers of internets have demanded security for their management information. These security features protect information essential for the smooth running of their networks and systems, and interoperate between products from many vendors. In addition, they want the ability to manage that security framework from the network operations center, just as they manage the other aspects of their network. But, the requirements to remain open and interoperable appear to be in conflict with the requirement to maintain security. The recent publication of the SNMPv3 standards, RFCs 2271-2275, achieves a balance so that these goals are now within reach.

"Meeting the security requirements of our customers is of paramount importance to us," noted Jeff Case, President of SNMP Research, Incorporated.

SNMPv3 Capabilities
Highlights of the new SNMPv3 standards include methods for providing

  • Authentication over open networks which protect against modification of information, masquerade, and message stream modification,
  • Privacy which protects against disclosure threats,
  • New administrative framework including view-based access control, and remote configuration of SNMP manageable systems, via secure set operations. Secure sets are necessary because maintaining security requires frequent changes of secrets within each SNMP entity on possibly very large networks.

SNMPv2 features are included in SNMPv3 by reference: expanded data types, improved performance, confirmed event notification, and richer error messages.

SNMPv3 Applications
Some applications using SNMPv3 might be

  • Billing information for ISPs based upon router usage,
  • Shared management information between widely distributed network operations centers across public internets,
  • Policies which allow monitoring by some authorized personnel while other personnel are granted wider permissions to control the same devices,
  • Secure and efficient power management,
  • Allowing modification of routing tables by an authorized manager while preventing changes by outsiders, and
  • Conveniently changing security passwords automatically and regularly from the SNMPv3 management station.

SNMP Research International produces a complete family of management products based on SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3, and other protocols for agents, management stations, Web-based management, and mid-level managers. These products form the basis of many of today's SNMP products offered by leading networking companies. The founder of SNMP Research, Dr. Jeff Case, has long been a contributor in the area of SNMP and has authored or co-authored many standards documents and articles on the topic. As a result of his efforts, SNMP Research is in a leadership position with respect to defining the standards and constructing implementations based on SNMP, the standard protocol for TCP/IP management.

For further information, contact SNMP Research International, Inc.

3001 Kimberlin Heights Road
Knoxville, Tennessee, 37920
Telephone: +1 865 579-3311
Fax: +1 865 579-6565
Email: info@snmp.com

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