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Siemens Nixdorf and Siemens AG License EMANATE

FRANKFURT, Germany, May 29, 1995 - SNMP Research International announces that Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme (SNI) Paderborn, Germany, has licensed EMANATE for all Siemens divisions for development and distribution world-wide. EMANATE is the run-time extensible agent technology that is rapidly becoming a de facto standard. Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme licensed EMANATE as an enabling technology which will speed development of management functions both within Siemens and in cooperation with developers and users. EMANATE provides for management using the SNMPv1, SNMPv2, or both management frameworks simultaneously. The EMANATE family of products is a series of extensible agent products used for expanding SNMP-based management to include management of systems, applications, legacy devices via proxies, and manager-to-manager communications.

Siemens and Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme have provided SNMP management capabilities in their products for several years. Most of the previous SNMP agents were also based upon SNMP Research's code. Siemens Network Systems will use EMANATE as the base technology for building SNMP agents and proxy agents in its networking products. A proxy agent managing the EWSP network, Siemens X.25 packet switching system, has already been released.

SNI was one of the first companies to recognize the need for run-time extensibility for SNMP agents, and, with the TRANSVIEW Extensible Agent, provided the means for MIB extensions in SINIX. Now, the licensing of EMANATE (Enhanced MANagement Agent Through Extensions) from SNMP Research International, Inc. means that an even more flexible and broadly accepted agent is available. Since the fundamental SNMP functions of the SINIX Core Agent are based on previously licensed SNMP Research implementations, EMANATE will further strengthen this offering.

Dr. H.-T. Kruger, Executive Director of Siemens AG Network Systems, says, "We chose SNMP Research International's EMANATE product because we believe that it is the right technology supporting vendors building integrated management agents that users demand. EMANATE is easy to use, complies with the SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 management frameworks, is available on a broad range of operating systems, and works for management of programs, systems, networks, and legacy devices. We chose SNMP Research International because of their strong leadership position in the management community and because of their technical support in Europe."

Dr. Jeff Case, SNMP Research, says, "SNMP Research International is pleased that Siemens and Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme have chosen EMANATE to expand their leadership position within the European market, and worldwide through its 83 affiliate organizations. The choice of EMANATE by a company with Siemens' experience and broad product lines indicates that EMANATE has addressed the significant management issues associated with protocol-based, run-time extensible management."

Siemens AG Network Systems Division (VS) is Siemens' competence center for open transport networks handling data, voice, and video transmission. Set up on April 1, 1994, VS posted sales of some DM 800 million during the last fiscal year, and employs around 1,500 people. The range of services offered by the division embraces turnkey project implementation involving local, national, and international networks, including all aspects from consulting to service and network operation.

Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme (SNI) AG, Paderborn, Germany, is a systems partner with universal expertise in the field of information technology. It is one of the world's largest companies in this area and is the largest supplier of information technology of European origin. In the past fiscal year (1 October, 1993 to 30 September, 1994) SNI had incoming orders worth DM 11.7 billion and revenues of DM 11.7 billion. SNI has a work force of about 39,000 and is represented in 45 countries.

For further information about Siemens' products contact Werner Zitzen, Director Network Management Products, Siemens AG Network Systems, Telephone: +49 89 722 26982, Fax: +49 89 722 41959.

For further information about Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme's products contact Ingrid Britz-Averkamp, Presseabteilung SNI, Telephone: +49 89 636-43133, Fax: 49 89-636-42162.

SNMP Research International provides one of the leading vendor-independent reference implementations of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) for agents and manager stations. These products form the basis of many of today's SNMP products. Their work is ported to a multitude of hardware platforms and operating systems.

SNMP Research International, Inc. produces a family of management products based on SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and other protocols including agent and management station software for the computer and communications industries. SNMP Research's founder, Dr. Jeff Case, has long been a contributor in the area of SNMP and has written a multitude of articles and papers on the topic. As a result of his efforts, SNMP Research is in a leadership position with respect to defining the standards and constructing implementations based on SNMP, the standard protocol for TCP/IP management. SNMP Research's implementations of SNMP for management stations and agents form the basis for many of today's implementations. For further information, contact SNMP Research International, Inc.

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