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SNMP Research Adds Stronger Cryptography Options to SNMPv3

Knoxville, TN, March 3, 2005 - SNMP Research announces Extended Security Options (ESO) which adds additional cryptography including Triple DES and AES. ESO is consistent with the SNMPv3 standard.

Many security-conscious customers have security needs greater than the authentication and encryption schemes defined in the IETF standards documents for SNMP. In particular, they need stronger cryptography schemes that are more difficult to be compromised. To meet this requirement, SNMP Research introduces Extended Security Options (ESO), an enhanced standard for cryptography using the technology of the SNMPv3 standard. SNMP Research products beginning with release 16.1 (domestic) support the Triple DES Privacy Protocol and the AES Privacy Protocol for SNMPv3 privacy. The AES Privacy Protocol is available for use with 128-, 192-, and 256-bit keys.

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SNMP Research creates, licenses, and supports software for the management of networks, systems, applications, and legacy devices. Our objective is to help companies deploy standards-based management with shorter time-to-market, lower costs, better fidelity to standards and interoperability with less risk. We provide innovative solutions for extensible agent, manager station, and mid-level manager implementations that are based on SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3, HTTP, XML, and other protocols. SNMP Research provides products and services worldwide to end-users, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), value-added resellers, and embedded systems suppliers.


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