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EPIC Subsystem for facilitating communication between non-SNMP protocols and an SNMP agent

Las Vegas, NV, May 8, 2001 - SNMP Research offers the EMANATE Protocol Interface Component (EPIC) Subsystem as a solution for interfacing non-UDP and non-SNMP protocols with SNMP Research's EMANATE® and EMANATE®/Lite multilingual agents (supporting combinations of SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3). An EPIC allows one foreign management protocol to submit get-requests and set-requests into the agent with or without the use of SNMP or UDP. The entire EPIC Subsystem is made up of EPICs and the EPIC Adaptation Layer (EAL). The EAL allows for multiple foreign protocol transactions, including XML, COPS, etc. and is the layer at which an EPIC integrates into various SNMP Research products. The EPIC API is consistent across all products, and operating system-specific instrumentation (such as the transport interface) is handled at the EAL level.

Using the EAL, the EPIC Subsystem integrates the foreign management protocol engine with the EMANATE or EMANATE/Lite Agent in one of the following ways:

Regardless of which protocols are used, the application programmer is generally insulated from these concerns by the EAL.

Even though SNMP does not yet offer an implementation of XML, COPS, etc., today, we do offer the EPIC Subsystem, which allows customers and partners to perform management requests (from within XML, COPS, etc. server implementation) by calling the SNMP Research agent code.

The EPIC Subsystem Architecture

The entry point into the SNMP Agent was carefully designed between the User-based Security Mode (USM) and the View-based Access Control Module (VACM) layers. This allows authentication by Transport Layer Security mechanisms, while preserving the VACM mechanism implemented as part of SNMPv3. View the EPIC Subsystem architectures for EMANATE and EMANATE/Lite.


Some of our partners currently implement projects involving integration of the EPIC Subsystem with third-party Web servers, such as Apache. EPIC has also been successfully implemented into a number of customers' products.


EPIC is available from SNMP Research. Implementations are currently available for VxWorks, pSOS, Linux, OSE, 32-bit Solaris, and AIX.

About SNMP Research

The primary business of SNMP Research International is creating, licensing, and supporting software for the management of networks, systems, applications, and legacy devices. Our objective is to help companies deploy standards-based management with shorter time-to-market, lower costs, better fidelity to standards and interoperability with less risk.

We provide innovative solutions for extensible agent, manager station, and mid-level manager implementations that are based on SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3, HTTP, and other protocols. SNMP Research provides products and services worldwide to end-users, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), value-added resellers, and system integrators.

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