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Sneak Preview of EnterPol Management Applications Announced

Las Vegas, NV, May 10, 1999 - SNMP Research International, Inc. provides the press an early look at EnterPol, a collection of management station applications for systems and applications management. When it is time to manage mission critical applications, a corporation wants that management link to be secure, reliable scalable, intelligent, and built on open standards. EnterPol is the first management application that uses the Internet Standard SNMPv3 to deliver and receive management information, ensuring secure communication. EnterPol is a part of the SecureIntelligence suite, which is announced at Networld + Interop in Las Vegas. In addition, EnterPol uses a Java-based interface to work with the Java management applications available today.

EnterPol, and the entire SecureIntelligence suite, uses the Simple Network Management Protocol, SNMP, which is the de facto standard for the management of network devices. In addition, the use of SNMP to support systems and applications management is growing. System administrators want a seamless top-to-bottom and end-to-end view of the activities using their network. Managers want to correlate network, system, and applications outages with the loss of service availability to users. Using multiple management paradigms makes this difficult task even harder. Using a single management framework, SNMP, to manage networks, systems, and applications makes it easier to gain a single view of all activity.

Integration with management products, including HP OpenView, is built into EnterPol. This SNMP-based management station provides powerful modeling, autodiscovery, and configuration management tools. In addition, EnterPol offers databases for easier interaction with information and Java applets for easier graphical interaction.

Tools and Processes

Among other tools, the EnterPol collection of applications consists of processes that

  • deliver different sets of information to different EnterPol users with different job functions from a single agent,
  • exchange security secrets delivered over the public network without fear of compromising those secrets,
  • share the public network without sharing management information and control of your devices,
  • auto-discover networked devices,
  • auto-discover device characteristics,
  • place icons on Graphical User Interface (GUI) maps,
  • manage received notifications,
  • percolate device status up through hierarchical maps,
  • provide SNMP and other network I/O services, and
  • contact between Web browsers and EnterPol.


EnterPol maintains a number of databases that makes management of an SNMPv3 managed network easier. Among these are databases that include

  • unique IDs for each network device,
  • mappings between device IDs and IP addresses,
  • all supported device attributes,
  • default device attributes,
  • actual attribute values for each managed device,
  • authentication information for SNMP network requests, and
  • SNMP notifications.

Java Applets

Java applets allow EnterPol to interact with

  • network maps,
  • network events,
  • network status,
  • SNMP MIB object values, and
  • SNMPv3 authentication information.

SNMP Research International produces a complete family of management products based on SNMPv1, SNMPv2, SNMPv3, and other protocols for agents, management stations, Web-based management, and mid-level managers. These products form the basis of many of today's SNMP products offered by leading networking companies. The founder of SNMP Research, Dr. Jeff Case, has long been a contributor in the area of SNMP and has authored or co-authored many standards documents and articles on the topic. As a result of his efforts, SNMP Research is a leader with respect to defining the standards and constructing implementations based on SNMP, the standard protocol for TCP/IP management.

Southernview Technologies, Inc. is a reseller of the SecureIntelligence product suite. They are currently using SecureIntelligence in their offices and on customer sites. Southernview is coordinating system integration and test plans at field test sites, including one major information provider with approximately 150 mission critical Web servers.

Southernview Technologies may be contacted at 2775 S. Main St., Suite G, Kennesaw, Georgia. phone: +1 770 795 7958.

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