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SNMP Research at CA World

SNMP Research was at booth #369 for the CA World conference and trade show from April 23-26, 2007 in Las Vegas, NV, at the Venetian. SNMP Research focused on our Distributed SNMP Security Pack products and how these products can be integrated seamlessly with CA eHealth® and CA Spectrum®.

David Reid of SNMP Research and Joel Kaufman of CA presented a session entitled “Support for SNMPv3 and Overlapping IP Addresses.” The session was on Wednesday, April 25, 2007, from 2:45 to 3:45 in Galileo 901-902 rooms.

Featuring Distributed SNMP Security Pack and Related Products

SNMP Research highlighted our Distributed SNMP Security (DSSP) product line. DSSP provides a clean interface for non-SNMPv3 managers to access SNMPv3 security and management. It also allows SNMPv3 management through firewalls.

The DSSP product line is made up of three main products: the DSSP Server, the DSSP Remote Forwarder, and the DSSP Internet Management Appliance-RF.

Introducing the DSSP Internet Management Appliance-RF

SNMP Research recently announced the availability of the DSSP Internet Management Appliance-RF, a new addition to the Distributed SNMP Security Pack product line.

Available Operating Systems

The DSSP Internet Management Appliance-RF is available preinstalled on an embedded Linux device. The DSSP Remote Forwarder is available separately for AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows.

Press Release

SNMP Research Announces DSSP Internet Management Appliance-RF

Knoxville, TN, March 7, 2007—SNMP Research is pleased to announce an important addition to its Distributed SNMP Security Pack (DSSP) product line: the DSSP Internet Management Appliance-RF. The DSSP Remote Forwarder is now available pre-installed on an embedded Linux appliance. This appliance can be installed on any TCP/IP network along with the DSSP Server to enable SNMP traffic and management through firewalls.

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