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DR-Web Among Nick's Picks for Network Management

KNOXVILLE, TN, September 26, 1996 - DR-Web, a new management product from SNMP Research International, has earned the distinction of "Nick's Picks" at NetWorld+Interop 96 in Atlanta. The recognition comes from Nicholas J. Lippis III, network computing industry expert and president and founder of Strategic Networks Consulting (Rockland, MA). According to Mr. Lippis, the companies and products included in "Nick's Picks" offer innovative solutions to technical or service problems in one of six technology areas - Internet, intranet, remote access, network management, gigabit Ethernet and switching. DR-Web received recognition in the network management category.

"We saw a huge number of network management start-ups offering new network management applications," said Lippis. "DR-Web caught our attention as a practical solution for preserving SNMP investment while concurrently leveraging the use of low-cost, ubiquitous Web technology for disseminating management information."

The DR-Web Extensible Agent, announced on Sept. 18, 1996, is the first of three planned products in the DR-Web family, and is expected to ship in 4Q96.

According to Dr. Jeffrey Case, a founder of SNMP Research International, the grass-roots movement toward Web-based management is already underway among end-users. At the same time, major vendors are launching Web-based management initiatives. "DR-Web's distinguishing feature is that it complements these efforts while adding an important missing component--straightforward mapping between HTML constructs and SNMP data," noted Dr. Case. "As a result, DR-Web supports a standards-based transition to Web-based management." Future DR-Web products will support Java.

For management applications, DR-Web reduces coding effort as well as memory requirements. For developers and end-users, DR-Web preserves SNMP investment by ensuring consistent data naming with more than 5,000 standard MIB objects now specified in over 60 RFCs. DR-Web's single-stack approach also supports synchronization on SET requests.

Competing alternatives include using dual-stack implementations currently deployed by some suppliers looking for a "quick-fix" to customer demand for Web-based management. Use of Java applets without specified SNMP mappings is also an alternative. In the latter case, if adherence to SNMP SMI is not enforced, inconsistent data naming will likely result, prohibiting programmatic manipulation of collected management data. Dual-stack approaches cannot protect against SET synchronization problems or inconsistent naming schemes.

The "Nick's Picks" methodology consisted of three components: the review of more than 200 submissions, surveying of the show floor at NetWorld+Interop and Interop DotCom and the awarding of points for technical innovation and breakthrough, and identification of a new problem area. Distinctions were limited to two companies per category with special mentions included in the intranet and gigabit Ethernet categories.

About Strategic Networks Consulting: Founded in 1991, Strategic Networks Consulting, Rockland, Mass., has emerged as one of the leading consulting firms for the networking industry. The company provides custom consulting, advisory services, enterprise testing and analysis, baselining and capacity planning, and a series of nation-wide seminars.

Its consultants, led by President Nick Lippis, have developed network architectures for Global 2000 companies including Barclays Bank, Boots, Digital Equipment Corp., Fleet Bank, Eastman Kodak, Hughes Aerospace, Liberty Mutual and Schering-Plough. Lippis was named one of the top 40 most powerful and influential people in the networking industry by Network World (Dec. 25, 1995/Jan. 1, 1996 issue). Nick Lippis publishes a monthly column in Data Communications, and sits on the planning committee for NetWorld+Interop trade show.

Strategic Networks is a division of SOFTBANK Expos, the world's largest Internet conference and trade show company. More information on Strategic Networks Consulting is available via the World Wide Web at http://www.snci.com.

About SNMP Research International: SNMP Research International offers a number of management software products, including the EMANATE Extensible Agent system; security configuration and customization tools for HP OpenView; a Packaged Agent System designed to easy the OEM's task of adding manageability to embedded systems; intelligent agent Mid-Level Managers, and specialized MIB implementations of IETF standards including FDDI MIB, Host Resources MIB, RMON, UPS, and others.

In addition, the company's new Legacy Adapter to Internet (LATIN) class of products provides an affordable solution to managing legacy systems under an SNMP framework. LATIN translates legacy system messages and alarms to SNMP format without requiring custom-built MIBs or agents.

Interoperability, simplicity, robustness, and portability are hall-marks of SNMP Research International products. The company has achieved significant worldwide market penetration with hundreds of multi-national, long-standing customers--each shipping thousands of SNMP-capable products and services based on SNMP Research code. Founded in 1988, SNMP Research is a well-established leader in developing and supporting standards-based management technology.

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