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Re: OOPS Honesty About AgentX

Wes> Drop the requirement that cursors must be valid for all time.  I
Wes> think the infinite lifetime will cause only harm.  It's unlikely
Wes> managers will need (note I didn't use "want") to keep cursor data
Wes> around forever and it's much more likely they'll only use them to
Wes> continue traversal in future follow-on Get-Object-PDU requests.
Wes> So, I'd like to drop the requirement that they must remain valid
Wes> forever but change it so that they must be valid until the next
Wes> time the agent reboots in the future.  I think this is a more
Wes> reasonable expectation to be imposed on an agent.

Actually, does anyone have a reason why they need to be valid for
longer than 5 minutes, for instance.  Having a timer associated with
them would allow for implementations to reserve memory for a cursor
for a limited period of time.  Obviously this wouldn't be the most
ideal of methods for cursor creation, but it at least allows for the
possibility if there is a much smaller time window associated with
their life time.  Thoughts?
Wes Hardaker
Network Associates Laboratories