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Re: the future of SNMP

I am still waiting to see GetBulk used in anger but when I do, I
expect I will be disappointed at the performance and will want a
GetBulkExtended, sooner rather than later.

Tom Petch

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From: Wes Hardaker <hardaker@tislabs.com>
To: Bruce Shaw <Bruce.Shaw@gov.ab.ca>
Cc: 'Wijnen, Bert (Bert)' <bwijnen@lucent.com>; 'eos@ops.ietf.org'
Date: 27 February 2003 10:10
Subject: Re: the future of SNMP

>>>>>> On Wed, 26 Feb 2003 17:30:25 -0700, Bruce Shaw
<Bruce.Shaw@gov.ab.ca> said:
>Bruce> Yes.  My primary concern was that I don't want SNMP to fall by
>Bruce> the wayside - some of us still want to use it.
>I think Bert's more specific question was: do you want to see further
>development in the protocol itself, or just in the MIBs that are
>transferred over the protocol.
>Wes Hardaker
>Network Associates Laboratories