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RE: the future of SNMP


From my view, it looks like more and more people are looking at other ways
to get management data other than snmp, just because getting back a table
with lot of entries is very slow. With the enhancements that  EOS proposes
this problem could be solved and would encourage more people to stay with
and to use snmp.


>> I certainly intend to continue SNMP into the future.  Given
>> that systems administrators are being asked to monitor more
>> servers, especially rack-mounted server farms, we really
>> aren't left any choice in the matter.
>> As SNMP is cross-platform, a vendor specific methodology is
>> not going to work.
>> I would like to see expansion of existing MIBS.  I am current
>> working on HOST-RESOURCES-MIB.
>Thanks for your input.
>Sofar, that does not seem to warrant or support extra effort to
>extend SNMP protocol (which is what EOS was intended for) but
>rather to focus on more MIB objects for more/better monitoring.

>Is my interpretation of your statement correct?