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Re: the future of SNMP

Personally I am looking to see how the new MIB requirments work in relation
to the transitional networks (IPv4 and IPv6 together) and the new snetworks
(IPv6 alone) as I have not seen anything about how this transition will
affect the OSS/NMS world (other than enlarging the field in the database for
the address).

I am sure that it will be more than enlarging the IP address field in the
MIB to allow for one that is so much larger than the current one.

For this alone I think we need to consider the long term implications on
SNMP in the evloving world of IP.
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> At 2/27/2003:01:49 AM, Wes Hardaker wrote:
> Hi,
> >...
> >I think Bert's more specific question was: do you want to see further
> >development in the protocol itself, or just in the MIBs that are
> >transferred over the protocol.
> As far as I am concerned:  I only want to see much
> better MIBs, supported by wider deployment of SNMPv3
> and AgentX, and any clarifications of (the current
> "guidelines" document is a good start on that) or
> necessary corrections to the SMI.
> Cheers,
> BobN