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Re: the future of SNMP

>>>>> On Wed, 26 Feb 2003 13:01:04 -0700, Bruce Shaw <Bruce.Shaw@gov.ab.ca> said:

Bruce> I would like to see expansion of existing MIBS.  I am current
Bruce> working on HOST-RESOURCES-MIB.

FYI, Efficient transfer and configuration via those MIB objects may be
hard using current protocol operations (GETs, GETNEXTs, and SETs).
The EOS working group is charged with improving the protocol
operations in order to make more efficient use of past and future MIBs
both.  It's the protocol work they are trying to decide whether to
continue developing or not.  (eg, GETNEXTs of the hrSWRunTable gets
slower and slower as you get toward the end of the table when you walk
it within the Net-SNMP agent.  The EOS work I have proposed would
enable users to "walk" (a new verb is needed) the table with much much
faster speed and would provide in-protocol filters (ie, you could
actually walk the hrSWRunTable and only retrieve the "httpd" processes
and the agent wouldn't return the rest).
Wes Hardaker
Network Associates Laboratories