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RE: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-eos-oops-00.txt

Hi Bert,

We are planning to do a prototype to test out the Get-Object  part of this
document since that is a problem that our customers are facing now. We are
not looking at doing the Set-Object or the SMIv3 at this time. Once the
standards get along a bit further, we plan to implement it in our products.


> Wes writes:

> > If you like what you see, please state that as well for Bert's
> > pleasure.

> And it is not just for my "pleasure". It is much more to get
> a feeling for what kind of support this document would have.
> So I would be even happier if people would not only write
> if they like what they see, but also say something about
> if/how they plan to implement/use this.

> Bert