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Status of WG

So... not much (if anything) seems to be happening.

That is of course disappointing.
Specifically, cause we had set out with a limited set
and focused set of small evolutionary enhancements to SNMP.
They all seemed do-able. But no results. We shifted away
into a more serious change (Wes's document), but I do not
see much input or discussion on that front either.

I am now seriously considering to close down the WG
and declare it a failure. 

The question that then comes up of course is: 

  what do we do next in the area of Network Management Protocols
  specifically in the area of 'device and network configuration'

That is a good question... but I do not want a failed WG to
answer it. I am OK with having some discussion here (if the 
WG chair agrees as well).

Possibly we should discuss the "what to do next" in the
upcoming IETF in the OPS Area Open meeting. I plan to put
it on the agenda.