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RE: IETF 55 EOS WG Minutes and Presentation


Even for those in the "waiting for the stack vendor to
implement" category, I'm left wondering how long it would
take before management applications started making productive
use of such new capabilities.  Though this work is clearly
interesting and aimed at real problems, the discussions to date
haven't conveyed much of a sense of urgency from management
application developers.  Perhaps I'm not listening closely

Well, I think a lot of managers view the problem as having too
much information to poll as appose to a data rate issue.
Thinking of the problem this way, it has three components
  1) Figuring out what the poll
  2) Polling
  3) Doing something useful with the data.
Where 2)doesn't always get as much thought as some may think.

The Oops ID has some interesting features, but how much these
would get used in practice really depends on whether or not 
managers perceive it helps them with 3). If they are not convinced,
then it's all for not.