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RE: FW: sming meeting minutes draft... Questions for the wg.

> >I think that the OOPS draft has the most potential although 
> we should ensure the features that it offers are what we want 
> to pursue. OOPS does not require a forklift upgrade. The 
> features that it offers can operate on the existing SMI. The 
> one issue with EOS is that an upgrade to the protocol stack 
> is still required. Given the amount of time this is taking 
> for SNMPv3 I fear that industry uptake will be below an 
> acceptable level.
> I agree, but I think vendors would update their products if 
> the cost was low enough and the improvement in data transfer
> efficiency was high enough.

Leyt me remind you all (the WG that is)  that this was exactly 
one of the reasons why the EOS WG had such limited SCOPE and
aggressive MILESTONES when it started

> SNMP is mostly used for monitoring, and it is horribly 
> inefficient at transferring data, especially for a binary
> encoding.
And there were a few compression proposals on the table in the
beginning. But no... people wanted more "vision" and more
extensive updates. 
Sorry for wining.