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Re: IETF 55 EOS WG Minutes and Presentation

>>>>> On Fri, 6 Dec 2002 12:19:03 -0500, "Harrington, David" <dbh@enterasys.com> said:

David> I did not intend to imply that a representative from SNMP
David> Research was present and made that statement in the EOS WG
David> meeting. There was no representative from SNMP Research in the
David> meeting. I should have phrased my wording differently to say "A
David> representative from SNMP Research told me, in private
David> communication, that they are already working on implementing
David> the draft ..."

SNMP research's policy, from what I understand, is that they would
implement anything their customers demanded of them.  That means that
the customers out there that are using their toolkit and want support
for EOS related work MUST ask their vendors (like SNMP Research) for
it.  Silently sitting back and hoping that a vendor implements
something is a sure way to find out that they won't.

Wes Hardaker
Network Associates Laboratories