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RE: IETF 55 EOS WG Minutes and Presentation

I agree this is subject to debate. I was merely voicing my opinion. During the meeting, Bob Moore countered that his customers have requested this feature.


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> >>>>> On Fri, 6 Dec 2002 09:45:16 -0500, "Harrington, David" 
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> David> I question whether the features being discussed (here and in
> David> SMING) provide adequate customer benefit to justify the
> David> disruption caused by requiring SNMP stack updates to their
> David> deployed products.
> That's certainly subject to debate, but I can tell you that the
> protocol operations I wrote were designed on the way home from the IAB
> NM seminar because they more directly fit the needs of what that group
> of people needed with respect to functionality.  Now, the deployment
> issue is always a problem.  But then again, you always have to deploy
> something new to get new features so there is no way around that
> regardless of what solution you pick to access something.
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