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Re: IETF 55 EOS WG Minutes and Presentation

>>>>> On Thu, 5 Dec 2002 21:10:41 +0100 , "Wijnen, Bert (Bert)" <bwijnen@lucent.com> said:

Bert> I came away with:
Bert> - Wes is willing to implement
Bert> - Some vendors would consider it, but would have to rely on their stack vendor to
Bert> do the implementation first
Bert> - Some were not sure there was benefit for their company
Bert> I did not get a warm feeling at that point. In fact I was quite
Bert> disappointed with the response as to how many want to "help",
Bert> "review", "implement", "use" this technology.
Bert> Was that just me?

Well, I think I'm a bit more optimistic than that.  The feeling I got
is that the bulking problem is by far the perceived largest problem.
I got the feeling people wanted it, but needed their stack providers
to supply it and may or may not be willing to actually ask their stack
provides for it (which I thought was odd).  There are other vendors
interested in implementing it that I'm aware of (but I can't speak for
them so I won't).

Wes Hardaker
Network Associates Laboratories