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Re: EOS WG agenda

Glenn Waters wrote:
> So far the only agenda item that I have received is to discuss the OOPS 
> draft. The OOPS work is the only draft in this working group that has 
> significant support. Even though this draft was submitted "minutes" late 
> we have approval from our ADs to discuss this draft. The version that 
> will be discussed can be found at:
>         http://eos.hardakers.net/draft-hardaker-eos-oops-02pre.txt

> If there are any other agenda items please let me know.

I could use a 5-10 minute slot to present the developmemnts/status on the
Aggregation drafts.
    http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-glenn-mo-aggr-mib-01.txt &

> Cheers, /gww